A dark and beautiful journey…

I am very excited to start our new social project with my partner in all things. One could almost say I was giddy…almost 😉
Getting to be social together in a completely honest, open, candid fashion is something I crave and rarely get to indulge in, due to our “controversial” interests. Controversial does in no way, shape or form mean illegal or well… icky, but controversial in that we live smack dab in the middle of a mess of willfully ignorant, purposefully culture-deprived, closed-minded miserable people that we can’t very well be having conversations about Anton LaVey, bondage gear, or Darwinism in a diner without some redneck damning us to “Hell” or putting crosses in our front lawn… I could be exaggerating a bit, like these morons know who Anton LaVey is! Ha..
I digress…
I hope to one day look back at this time in our lives and laugh about we used to tip-toe through the sheep in order to retain our social grace.
Here’s to us, babe 😉

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